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Posted almost 2 years by Craig McCormack

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Craig McCormack

Please consider adding proper social scoring to this app as follows: 1. Add a club without having to login for leaderboards and results etc., but pickup the ratings, and scoring features 2. Add a social comp with ID and password 3. Add a list of players or allow players to register using the ID and password 4. Allow each player to choose their partner from the list defined 5. Allow them to score using the club data Think Gamebook, but leverage your data stream for course data and ratings, local rules, etc. This would be a great feature allowing large social groups visiting various courses take advantage of of MiScore and the built in data.

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Steven Mancini posted over 1 year Admin

Hi Debbie

Social scores are not saved at this stage. This feature is being developed for the near future though in which the app will store records of all scores (either comp or social) used with the app in a score history listing. 



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Debbie Spruce posted over 1 year

Can you save a ‘social’ score ?

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Steven Mancini posted almost 2 years Admin

Hi Craig

Thanks for the feedback. Initially the app was intended to support our club competition module that our clients use. The social scoring support is under development at the moment as we recognise many uses want to use it outside of club competition play as you have suggested. Social handicapping is still under the provision of the club control so there is only so much we can provision. 

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