6th August 2020 update:

Score submission interface has changed so that only the device owner is required to sign for the score.

See official note from link below


Coming- Fourballs swinger support will be available from mid August and Foursomes by the end of August.

October - App score history interface including social scores.

Subscription services (6 month free trial of MiScore will finish in October. Clubs have the option to purchase a licence to allow their members to use the app for scoring at the club without a subscription otherwise uses pay an annual subscription to use the app at all supported MiScore courses. 

July 2020

On the night of the 1st of July the MiScore app will under a major update. 

The following changes will come into play:

MiClub sent this message to all the clubs using the App 


We've had nearly 50 clubs register to allow self scoring via the App which means if you are a member at one of these clubs, when you submit your scores it will be your scores sent to the Leaderboard. It also means that players who are not using the app can score themselves (not swap cards). Now you still need to mark for your partner and confirm scores as per the rules of golf. Check with your club on whether this will come into play. 

The score submission interface will change to this:

You should notice that we are now displaying the 9 hole total scores as well. 

Another change has been the introduction of cumulative hole tally so when you swipe back to view past holes played, the Total will be the tally at that point of play and not the overall total. This was amended due to user feedback. 

Other changes recently added are :  

The Tee Block colour that you are registered on or select for social play will appear against the Par value of the hole. i.e. Black, Blue, White or Red

The Shots per hole value will now act as a button to direct a popup box displaying the index values against that hole.

Your playing partner may have different indexes if they are playing off a different tee and pressing their shots value will display the index associated for them.