Why are we asking you to sign up? 

Signing up with a MiScore user profile provides simple access to 100's of MiScore supported courses (on payment of subscription). You no longer need to have previously been booked to play at any course. Your registered profile now gives you immediate access for social play.  You can even preview the course and scorecard before playing the course

You only need provide your name and email address or if already setup use a validated registration from any of Apple, Google or Facebook(pictured below).  Signing up by email will require you to validate your email through an email sent soon after completing registration. So if you email address is not linked to your phone be near your computer when registering. 

Check out our Terms and conditions and Privacy Policy for more information from which we are bound to ensure your privacy and security of your information:

MiScore Application Terms and Conditions


MiClub Privacy Policy


How does the app know I am playing a competition not at my home club?
Once signed up go to the app menu - Profile Details and ensure your name is correct 

ie. Your surname should be spelled exactly the same on your profile and GOLF Link card. Your competition bookings will then match your profile when visiting other clubs.  Make sure the visiting club has you booked via your GOLF Link number.

What if I share an email account with my partner or spouse?

We recommend each person has a unique email addresses (you can setup one up via Google's GMAIL), otherwise each person should use a separate sign-up method 

eg. I signup with Facebook and my partner sign's up with one Apple id or email

How do I sign back into the app?

If you are no longer signed into the app please sign back in using the method on signup ie. Email, Apple, Google or Facebook.

If signed up to the app by email and you have forgotten the password then use the Forgotten Password link and a reset password email will be sent to your registered email address. The reset password function will not reset password of other signup methods.