If you are unable to subscribe to MiScore due to a verification error that pops up, please read the article on this if you are an iPhone user. It could be a number of things from wifi connection, the time is setting is wrong or having to re-log in with your Apple ID on your device. 

Also ensuring valid payment details are applied to your Apple ID account is required. If subscription refers you to update your payment method then try re-adding in your CC details or paypal account. 

We've found re-booking the phone off and on may assist with payment problems as well. 


If you have an Android device and having problems subscribing via the Google Play store then please read this article for additional instructions. https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/1050566?hl=en

If you have already Subscribe but are still getting a Verification error then please try signing out and signing back in via MiScore. To sign out, access the Menu bar, scroll down and select Sign out. Then press the sign in button on the bottom of the start page.  

If error continunes, give MiScore help line a call on 08 9444 5300 for further assistance.