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Modified on Thu, 22 Apr 2021 at 08:01 AM

Score history is set to save social and competition scores to your device from mid March 2021 for scoring that utilises MiScore. 

It also has a copy of the scorecards entered for your playing partner and yourself as a reference.

Social scores used in the app prior to Mid March 2021 is not possible while previous competition scores are always available via MiStats module and club online leaderboards prior to this date.

Note that the scores displayed in this area are relative to scores entered on 'your' device. In the case that you submit your playing partners scores, the scores viewed in this function may not indicate that the score has been submitted through to the clubs leaderboard. It is up to you to ensure that your playing partner has submitted 'your' validated score if the clubs chooses that self scoring is not enabled.

Un-completed rounds will show as “in progress” until the round is completed and finalised.
You can delete rounds in this interface that are not completed by selecting the 3 dot box applicable to the score you want removed and then press the 3 dots in the top right hand corner.A popup message will appear asking to verify deleting the round or not. Note: it will not remove the score from the clubs backend system but only as a reference on your device.

For partner score validation, you will have access to scores you entered by selecting the box with 3 dots - the name and score of your playing partner will be shown at the bottom. Press the partners score to view their scorecard.

Scoring trends can be achieved by using the filter function to display scores by comp / social or 18 / 9 hole types. Remember the from date can only go back as far as March 2021.

Team Competitions such as Ambrose and Foursomes will show the 'Gross Total Score' in score history. Please refer to club leaderboard for ranking and nett scores.

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Summary Article:

Backup and Sync Scores: 'Now available from April 21st 2021 release'

If you need to re-install the application or change devices, you can sync the score history data back onto your device from accessing the menu option under the score history interface and selecting 'Score sync'. This will retrieve your scores saved against your online user app profile. (Social and comp scores from Mid March 2021 onwards)

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