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Now available for Apple iPhone users, MiScore App will support Apple Watch Series 3with GPS as a companion to the Apple iOS MiScore App for competition and social play. The MiScore Watch App extension is available for club and user subscribers. Update via the app store is required (V1.6) -

A paired Apple Watch will automatically or be able to install MiScore App on your Apple Watch to view hole information when raising wrist including:

  • Hole Number
  • Par
  • Hole Index
  • Distance to middle of green or to pin

Note: Score entry is still required on MiScore App on iPhone presently

Ensure location services is enabled on your iPhone device for distances to appear on the Apple Watch also. You may be asked for locations permission once MiScore Watch App is installed, select 'always while using the app'.

The distance displayed on Apple Watch is from the iPhone device to the green(mid/pin) with paired Apple iPhone and Watch.

iPhone will need to be in Bluetooth range (typically Bluetooth range is around 10 metres) of your Apple Watch to display distance to the green/pin. Bluetooth connection when lost which display Apple Watch as a red phone with a line through it on top of Watch screen. 

When out of range of iPhone distance shown will be the calculated distance between the Watch's GPS location and the marked location of the Green (only for non Cellular watches). For cellular connected Apple Watch always displays location data from iPhone.


On iPhone

Select Watch App on iPhone > Find MiScore in list of available apps > Select 'Install'

When asked about Location Permission > select 'While using the app' or "Always". 

Note: Do NOT select 'Allow once' - distance information will be incorrect on the watch on this selection. 

On the Watch App on the iPhone: Set 'RETURN TO CLOCK'

Accessing General > Return to Clock > and set it to 'After 1 hour'

This will ensure that the watch doesn't revert back to the clock display while you are playing Golf and using MiScore app.


On Apple Watch

Locate and select MiScore App icon

Should advise to start round from your iPhone MiScore app.

When round started on iPhone, check your Apple Watch to see distance, par, index for first displayed.

To check the next hole; simply swipe left on your watch.

Apple Watch setting recommendation

Set the watch to show the last used app instead of time on wrist raise via settings in Watch app on iPhone

Also under 'On Tap' select "Wake for 70 seconds." to ensure the hole info doesn't sleep too soon.

Watch Orientation

You have the ability to switch the watch around on your wrist so that the home button is not accidentally pressed while swinging. 

If you want to move your Apple Watch to your other wrist or prefer the Digital Crown on the other side, adjust your orientation settings so that raising your wrist wakes your Apple Watch, and turning the Digital Crown moves things in the direction you expect. You can also open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, tap My Watch, then go to General > Watch Orientation.

Turn off Siri

To prevent accidentally engaging Siri on the watch while in play, open Settings under Apple Watch, Tap Siri and toggle off 'Listen for Hey Siri', Raise to Speak and On Press of Digital Crown.  

FAQ & Help:

Phone to watch connection issues : read this apple article

Ensure you fully charge your watch prior to play!

Close all other apps other than Miscore during your golf round on your watch and iPhone to help reduce battery consumption. 

Apple iWatch Battery Info article

MiScore Watch App icon

On select MiScore Watch App

Hole Display Sample (Swipe for next hole)

End of Round Finish selection

Not Supported: Apple Watch series 1 which did not include GPS.

Other devices such as Android watches will be supported in the future.

Troubleshooting: Restarting the watch app

If you have started your round on your iPhone but the Apple Watch MiScore App still indicates to start scoring, it's then advisable to restart the Watch MiScore app to pickup the new round. To restart the MiScore Watch App, press the side button (below the digital crown) which will reveal which apps are currently running. Scroll until you can select Miscore App and swipe left to reveal the red cross button. Press this it close the MiScore App. Return to home screen, find and select the Miscore App to commence new round

Note: You may need to ensure you have the latest WATCHOS updates applied in order to install the app.

Lastly, if you find that the watch is reverting to clock even after setting the return to clock setting to after 1 hour, it may be of other watch applications running in the background such as the Activity app. Try closing any other application while playing golf so you don't get interrupted. This will also save on battery consumption too.

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