MiScore App - Sidematch (now available)

Modified on Wed, 22 Nov 2023 at 12:45 PM

Sidematch available now from version 1.4.5 - if Sidematch option is not present in settings, please select Restart App from Menu or update through App/Play store.

Keep track of your individual or group side matches without a pencil and card in MiScore App.

MiScore App with Sidematch enabled in Settings compares player scores with your partner and also the other pair in the group to show if you're up or down. 

Sidematch automatically updates with a match play score when all players enter their hole score or will use the scores you have entered for your partner(s) if they're scoring on a card.

To enable:

Select Menu > Settings

Scroll down to Sidematch and toggle on

On Competition Day:

After selecting a playing partner on the first hole the number box will flash if Sidematch is enabled. Touch the hole number to view Sidematch.

Toggle between Group and Single for Sidematch scores or touch Hole by Hole for the scorecard view.

For Group Sidematch your pairing must be on same tee time as other group pairing on booking timesheet. 

Score History:

View Sidematch result(s) in Score History.

Club Competitions:

Sidematch is not part of the club competition.

Social Score Side Match:

Individual Sidematch games only.

Shotgun Starts:

The Out and In will calculate on the order of holes played ie Start on Hole 3 the Out will conclude on Hole 12

Team Events:

4BBB, Combined, Irish - Yes

Ambrose, Foursomes - No (pending)

Sidematch Terminology: 

  • Halved: The hole is tied, with both sides scoring the same number of strokes
  • Match play: A form of competition in which the side with the lowest score on each hole wins the hole. The side that wins the most holes, wins the match
  • 1UP, 2UP etc: The team leads by the number of holes won minus number of holes lost
  • A/S: All square - All players have matching score
  • 3 & 2: The total holes won is greater than the holes remaining

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