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Modified on Thu, 28 Jul 2022 at 10:27 AM

Update July 2022

Unfortunately as a result of the changes made by Google to enforce stricter Security standards on Apps on the Google Play Store. We can no longer support use of devices which are on Android 7.0 and below with the MiScore App. 

This is the cause of the "Unable to communicate with your golf club" error you have been experiencing (as per screenshot below)


Our developers have exhausted the options from our end in creating a workaround to no avail.

This means, to continue using MiScore you will need to attempt to upgrade your device's operating system to Android 8.0 or above. Or purchase a newer phone which is able to run Android OS 8.0 and above. 

You can check your Android version by following the steps below:

We do apologize, but we have no other options in allowing you to continue using MiScore.
You can cancel your MiScore Subscription by going into the App then Menu on the top right > Manage Subscriptions.



Q: How can I see what the index value of a hole is? 

A: Press the Shots value to reveal a popup of the index of the hole or press the cumulative score total value box which acts as a button to the full scorecard interface. You'll find the indexes per hole as well as gross and net totals during the round. 

Q: How can I improve the battery life while using the app?

A: Try setting your device to 'Low Power Mode'. For Apple devices this is found under Settings / Battery options. Also closing other apps in the background helps otherwise ensure you are fully charged prior to play. For older devices, having a backup battery or solar charger device would be ensure your round is un-interrupted. 

Also many powered buggies have a usb charger port and utilising this to keep your device charged would be recommended. DO NOT attempt to use the app in 'flight or airplane' mode as data transmission to the clubs golf system is required even during the round. 

From 5th June the app will revert the backlight to 80% instead of 100% during scoring to reduce battery use. You can adjust this further via the brightness settings found under Menu/Settings interface.


Q: Do I need to turn off the phone between scoring holes?

A: No, the app will reduce the backlight to minimum to save battery usage after 30 second of non use and touching the screen will wake it out of this mode and return to the scoring screen. This allows you to run the app in hands free / touch mode (attach to a phone cradle for optimum user experience).

Q: Why are some clubs missing in the course list? 

A: Either the club are not using MiClub's Golf backend system (the app refers to this for course data) or the club have not signed up to integrate with MiScore at this stage. More clubs/courses are being added daily. 

Q: Is there a quicker way to enter scores?

A: Yes! instead of pressing the + button several times, simply press the Par value which will change the default score from 0 to the par value i.e. 3,4  or 5. Now use the + or - minus button to get to the actual gross score for the hole.

Q: I'm a member at more than one club, how can I use it at other clubs?

A: Wipe to the left on the interface showing your club logo. it will reveal the add + club option. Press this and search and select the other club. As long  as you are a subscribed user then you can access social scoring. If playing in a comp, select Comp Guest button. It will now check if your name is registered in the club comp as a guest. If so the interface will return your comp name record to select as validation. If nothing is shown, check that the club have registered you in the comp and that your name in the app profile matches the booking record with the club.

Q: Can I access course/hole map information?

A: Yes, simply press the distance to the pin/green value in the top right corner which will revert to the hole map of the course indicating your location and the distance-line to the pin/green. You can touch different areas of the hole to provide you distances from your location as well. Useful for distance too fairway bunkers for example.

Q: Why isn't there front and back hole distances? 

A: Ideally distance to the pin information can be provided if the club/course staff mark these with the App however if they don't then default middle of the green distance is shown instead. Also you can access the map and touch any area like the back of the green to receive a distance.

Q: Is live scoring available on the leaderboards?

A: Yes by accessing the menu and selecting leaderboards, however this is controlled by the club. The club controls on whether the online leaderboards are available during play and if live scoring (per hole) is available as well. 

Q: Why can't I submit my own scores?

A: Update July 2020 > Clubs can opt-in to allow self scoring via the App. There is a new submission interface which will clearly identify if you are submitting your own scores or your partners. Clubs can request to MiClub to allow self scoring which we will enable on request.

Q: Can I handicap my social scores?

A: Handicapping for social scores is controlled and managed by 'the club' and requires golfers to be pre booked and registered prior to play inline with GA rules. When setup, it is available via the app otherwise 'Social scoring' in the app is NOT processed back to the club system or Golflink and doesn't even require a booking. Speak to your golf operations person for more details. 

Q: Why am I not listed as registered in todays comp when I'm booked in?

A: In order to use the app for competition play, you must be registered by the club first which may mean attending the proshop to pay a comp fee. Club staff are required to indicate registration on arrival and once this is done, you'll find that re-accessing the app interface (moving from the Club logo to scoring) will show your name, tee time and starting hole. Also, you must have a registered playing partner to begin scoring (self scoring for comps is not allowed). 

Q: Can I turn off the GPS/Location service?

A: Under the Apps menu/settings is an option to turn 'Locations Enabled' off. This will mean that you won't receive distance to the Pin or Green while in use. You can turn this back on at any stage though.  

Q: Why am I getting an Alert that my score submission failed?

A: Please check that you have internet connection by checking mobile bar signal, ensure you are not in Flight mode and have use Mobile Data for MiScore enabled.  

Q: What does the Mins time value refer to?

A: Depending on the club course data, the app will show either a timer value from when you enter the starting hole scoring interface, or it shows a time in Minutes on how long the expected time to complete the hole as determined from the average time per hole set by the club referencing your start time. For example if the value is positive i.e. Mins 4  then that indicates that you are 4 minutes ahead of the expected pace of play. If the value is a negative value i.e. - 4 Mins then that indicates your group are four minutes behind the expected pace of play. 

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