Now Available - Sept 20

Foursome pairings are defined by place on timesheet 

ie cells 1 & 2, cells 3 & 4 and cells 5 &6 so no partner selection in app

  • Select the pair scoring & Start Hole
  • Enter the gross score each hole for both pairs
  • Select the Total to display the scorecard
  • Only one signature required to Submit & Agree

Only gross scores are displayed on on app total and scorecard.  Handicap will be deducted after score submitted

Can be used for 27 & 36 hole events on same day with a timesheet and competition for each round ie 18 & 9 or 18 & 18.

Remember for 27 hole events the 9 hole handicap will differ from the 18 hole handicap if the Slope/Scratch differ

Select PartnerEnter score for each pair
Scorecard View (Select Total)Agree & Submit Score Screen
Multi-Round Select Round