Singles in conjunction with a 4BBB (typically standard in NSW and QLD)

Fourball (or 2BBB) competitions when run in-conjunction to a singles match, Miscore App user will score as if scoring for a normal singles competition ie Stableford, Par and Stroke. 

The MiClub software automatically pairs players booked in cells 1 & 2 and cells 3 & 4 in a time(or row) and the best score for each hole for each pair is calculated and added to leaderboard

The club will handicap players based on the Singles event

Stand-alone 4BBB

Fourball (or 2BBB) competitions when run as stand-alone will pair players booked in cells 1 & 2 and cells 3 & 4 with scoring via the 4BBB interface in the MiScore App.

When scoring each hole the scorer will first select the player that contributed the score then the score for the hole. Doing the same for the pair that is being marked.

The club will handicap players based on Fourball scoring as per Golf Australia fourball handicapping regulations


For stand-alone Fourball and if the group is playing as a three then the MiScore App will select the pairings and allocate as the 'Swinger' based on the player with the lowest GA handicap in the group.  The 'Swinger' can score but not submit scores at the conclusion of the round.  The other two players in the three will be scoring and submitting scores at the end of the round

Note to Club/Comp admin on Swingers

The timesheet player position in a group in relation to groups of three will change once the players submit the scores
ie. the lowest handicapper will be shifted to Cell 1 on the timesheet to become the swinger. 
The allocation of pairing during the round on the leaderboard may differ if the swinger isn't in booked or moved into cell one. Admin can modify by using Swap Cell to position the lowest marker into cell one on the timesheet or await submission of scores.