Pace of Play

Modified on Fri, 19 May 2023 at 02:05 PM

MiScore has the ability to display an expected time to complete a hole.

The minutes reference shown in the top left hand corner is related to the groups start time and the average time per hole setup against the course. i.e. Hole 1 may have an average of 13 minutes to complete the hole. 

Once you enter a score for yourself on a hole, the time will update to the expected time to complete the next hole automatically. 

When the time is a negative value, this indicates that your time is behind the expected pace of play while showing a positive value indicates your are ahead of pace of play. 

When you complete your round (submit scores), the app will display the total time of the round played i.e. from entering the scoring interface throughout until score submission. 

Club administrators with MiClub wanting further analysis of player/group round times and to trial our Pace of Play module should contact our sales team on 08 9444 5300

This indicates the player is 12 minutes ahead of the expected pace of play. 

While the - negative minutes value indicates the player is behind in the expected pace of play with reference to the last hole played.

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