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Posted about 2 years by Andrew Meldrum

Andrew Meldrum

Hi - just loving using the app. Great job on it! I definitely applaud your desire to keep the scoring screen as clean as possible. That said, I think easy access to hole index is pretty important. Being able to access the complete scorecard (including hole indexes) via a tap on the Total Score button is an ok solution but not optimal. (There is a lot of information on that screen, not necessarily straightforward to find the right number quickly). I believe the Hole Index (eg “Index 9”) could easily be included on the main scoring screen directly above the stroke score on the hole in the same position/size type as the “X Points” which is directly below the stroke score. If you strongly disagree though, then the next best option would be to bring up the Hole Index data by tapping on the “Hole #” at the top of the scoring screen in order to display a pop up box with the Men’s, Women’s and Matchplay Index for the current hole. Not quite as good as having the information available on the main screen, but definitely better than having to parse the entire scorecard. What do you think?

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Andrew Meldrum posted about 2 years

great stuff, thanks for that Andrew. Will keep an eye out.

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Andrew Naylor

Andrew Naylor posted about 2 years Admin

Thanks Andrew we are adding a quick pop-up of the hole index when pressing one of the shots or hole button.  Should be in one of the next few updates

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