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Posted about 2 years by Andrew Meldrum

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Andrew Meldrum


Firstly - congrats on the distance to the pin functionality! This is absolutely brilliant, and has the potential to be a great timesaver as people reach for their rangefinder less.

I notice though that the maps do not currently re-orient to work well on a phone screen? The desired behaviour would be for the map to orient itself such that the green is always at the top of the map, and the user location (blue dot) to be at the bottom of the map - esentially to mimic the real world experience where the green/pin is in front of you.

 Currently, per the attached image, the maps appear to be all simply aligned so that north is at the top of the map/screen (presumably just per google maps).

With the current north orientation, I find myself wanting to rotate my phone sideways in order to get the correct view of the pin/green in order to see how far the pin is from the front/back. But because I'm using a phone holder to attach my phone to my pushcart, this isn't really possible.

Hope you're able to make this improvement to what already has the potential to be a game-changing feature!! 

Cheers, Andy

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Andrew Naylor

Andrew Naylor posted about 2 years Admin

Thanks Andrew,

There is likely a setting on Google Maps on your device that is holding the North

In Apple Device

  • Open Google Maps App
  • Select Menu or Profile letter/image top right hand corner
  • Scroll down and select Settings
  • Select Navigation
  • Scroll down to Keep map north up and disable
  • Open MiScore App and test on course map

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