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Dual Club memebrship and scoring

Hoping for help.  I am a member of two clubs - my home club (royal canberra) the app works fine -scoring for me and partner and submission at end.  My GA handicap is assigned to this home club.

When I play at second club (gungahlin lakes)- i can select the club - log in using GA handicap and password of club - and the app still works as normal.  At the end of the round go to submit and it confirms that the 'partner' I was scoring for - scores were submitted.  

Heres where the problem exists - despite the partner scoring my scores and me doing scores on bottom half of screen in my own app - when they click submit - it says that my scores have been submitted - but in fact they dont get submitted at all.  Nothing registers with system despite no issues throughout the round and before being submitted can swipe through all holes and see score.

The proshop cant see any scores submitted for me either.  This has happened twice since gunghalin lakes has started using miscore.  No other issues for the rest of the playing round people though.  The proshop has tried deleting me off the round sheet and readding me and still no difference.

One area that they have identified is that the mobile icon does not show up next to my name compared to the other players using the app - they dont know how to fix that.

Have tried logging out, back in - logging in using the Gunghalin lakes username and password - and nothing seems to work.  

Can you help please.

HI Mat

Thanks for letting us know about this issue. We are keen on resolving it. 

So just to confirm, you can submit your own scores at RCGC but when you attempt to score at GLGC, it reverts the score submission to your playing partners marked scores and not your own? Regards Steve

HI Mat

We've been able to replicate the issue you have reported and we will deploy a fix out in the next update.



Thanks Steven - the answer to your question was the partner score gets submitted, but not mine.  Hopefully the update comes out soon :) 



Yes we'll be looking to push out an update later tonight. 

Thanks for advising us of this Mat.

Hey Steven - can confirm worked fine yesterday playing at glgc.



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